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Hole ESP Honda Fuel Injector Technology World's Smallest

ESP Technology (Enhanced Smart Power) on the Honda Vario 150 and the latest Beat claimed to provide power and fuel efficiency mumpuni.Salah one component that supports this technology is the Fuel Injector. Fuel Injector present on the latest Honda engine has been refined more modern.

Fuel Injector capabilities Honda PGM-GI can spray fuel particles with the smallest size in the world. Moreover, with PGM-FI technology can regulate the amount of fuel in the minimum scale.

"The size of the hole diameter fuel injectornya on ESP technology is 0.13 millimeters. Smaller than the previous 0.15 millimeters," said Agung Sugihono, Training Facilitator PT Mustika Power Adicipta as the official distributor of Honda motorcycles West Java.

Fuel spraying purposes as small as possible so that mixing with air can be more homogeneous, which impact on more complete combustion.
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Hot! Is this the Honda Brio Exclusive figure 'RS' 2015?

Not many people thought that this one is a hatchback Honda Brio. Look at the condition of the formation face with grooves assertive grille and headlamp aggressive wide nan was, of course all be more familiar as Honda Mobilio RS.

However, look in the mirror of its tiny body shape, and obviously can not be denied if the figure is the exclusive Honda Brio. Could this be the highest variant of the Honda Brio family with the series 'RS'?

The answer is still a puzzle and still difficult to ascertain. Exclusive photos were taken and subsequently uploaded by MZ facebook account Crazy Cars on Sunday (10/05), in Thailand. Photo uploader party, too, questioned about this variant would likely be the most sporty models of the Honda Brio.

As a whole, Honda Mobilio RS which is present on the design DNA of Honda Brio, now seemed to be compressed from an MPV body, into mini hatchback for urban communities.

Keidentikan is not case-fetched considering not only in terms of appearance of course, even the legs bervelg its alloys also have the exact same concept. If Honda Brio this hospital a reality, what you are going to vote as a macho-faced character of city car?
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